Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope and Merriams Turkey Outfitter in 
Wyoming and South Dakota

Western Gateway





Western Gateway Outfitters is located in the beautiful Black Hills of northeast Wyoming and western South Dakota. We hunt both states with the camp being located in Hulett, Wyoming.

Both areas are situated in the heart of tremendous hunting country to fulfill your hunting desires. We spend the spring back and forth between the two states during turkey season as both states have excellent Merriam's turkey hunting. September is spent in Wyoming hunting elk and archery deer. We continue to rifle hunt Wyoming in October for elk, deer and antelope.

November finds us once again hunting both states for some of the outstanding whitetails and big mule deer that live in the area. We are blessed to live in an area with such diversified game and scenery.

 • Trophy Wyoming Deer
 • Trophy Wyoming Antelope
 • Trophy Wyoming Elk
 • Trophy South Dakota Deer
 • Trophy Deer-Antelope Combo
 • Merriams Turkey both in SD and WY

We are truly the gateway to the west's finest hunting. Your success is our primary goal and the many smiling faces of repeat customers are a welcome sight every season. As a matter of fact, better than 90% of our hunters every year are on at least their second hunt with us and several have visited many years.

Whether you are looking for your first guided hunt or you go on several a year, we look forward to providing an experience you will not forget as well as one that fulfills any  goals you may have.

Thank you and good hunting,

Russ Roberts
Western Gateway Outfitters


P.O. Box 220 Hulett, Wyoming 82720
605-639-1589 (Mobile)